St. Ed’s NSCI Alumna and Fulbright Scholar Featured in Story on Research to Combat Antibiotic Resistance

Jana Soares (Biology, ’15) is featured in a story released by the University of Technology Sydney on her Fulbright Scholar research project.  She’s working at UTS’s ithree institute to defeat antibiotic resistant bacteria using worms, antibiotics, and antimicrobial peptides in the battle superbugs against like pseudomonas aeruginosa, one of the leading causes of infections acquired in hospitals. See the full story on her work, including some pictures from the places she’s visited around Australia.  Her work is sponsored by the Australian-American Fulbright Commission.

Jana plans to return to the US in the fall to pursue a graduate degree at the “intersections of science and business.”  Stay tuned to find out which lucky graduate school gets her to enroll!

And you can find out more about Jana’s adventures in Australia on her blog.

Listening In on the Cosmos with Gravitational Waves

On April 11, Dr. Paul Walter gave a talk at St. Edward’s University related to the recent detection of gravitational waves.  The detection itself was a remarkable achievement and marks the beginning of a new era of astronomy.  If you were not able to attend, a link is available to view the talk:


Event for Students – Reimagining Your Future: Business and Science Students in Laboratory Austin

Topic:             Reimagining your Future: Business and Science Students in Laboratory Austin

Who:  Current NSCI and MSB undergraduate students, facilitated by Bro. Richard Daley, with Dean Nancy Schreiber (MSB) and Dean Gary A. Morris (NSCI).

What:  A brainstorming workshop that empowers business and science students to collaborate with each other and develop the skills necessary to pursue a thriving career in Austin.  The outcome from your conversation will help the Deans identify ways to help you achieve your goals.


• Business students and science students develop collaboration and communications skills between the disciplines
• Learn about the skill sets needed to help fill Austin’s tech talent gap (i.e., how to increase your odds on getting hired in Austin)
Share your ideas for ways St. Edward’s University can help, programmatically or through extra-curricular activities
• Communicate directly with Dean Gary A. Morris (School of Natural Sciences) and Dean Nancy Schreiber (Munday School of Business)

Date:                Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Time:               3:30 pm – 6:30 pm includes dinner
Location:         JBWN 206

NOTE:  Registration is limited to 40 students (20 from MSB and 20 from NSCI).  Register here TODAY!

UPDATE:  As of 9:30 am on Thursday, 21 April, we have only 9 NSCI STUDENTS REGISTERED!  MSB has 20 students registered!  Help us out, NSCI Students!

CANCELLED: World Intellectual Property (IP) Day 2016 Comes to St. Edward’s

A conversation on how IP contributes to technology, music, and the arts.





Apply for Co-Working Space at Capital Factory – Deadline is 22 April

From Sophie Gairo:

The School of Natural Sciences has been allocated 5 co-working spaces available to current St. Edward’s University undergraduates for the project period 1 May – 31 August 2016.  You may apply using the Google Form here.  For more information, write to  The competition is open through 5 pm on Friday, 22 April, with project selections to be completed by 29 April.


St. Edward’s University Wins 2016 Steelcase Education Active Learning Center Competition

St. Edward’s has been selected as one of 13 winners in the 2016 competition (which included >800 submissions for a success rate of 1.6%!) to create an active learning center using Steelcase classroom furniture, with the classroom transformation (JBWN 206) facilitated by the Steelcase Education Active Learning Center award.

Execution of this grant will be led by Dr. Tricia Shepherd (Chair of Chemistry) and Dean Gary A. Morris of the School of Natural Sciences.

Look for a more detailed press release from St. Edward’s in the near future.  In the meantime, you can find the press release from Steelcase on the PR Newswire here.  You also can find the announcement of this year’s winners on the Steelcase website as well.

Congratulations to the entire proposal team!

  • VPAA Mary Boyd for sending this opportunity to us by email on last year (see below) and for her careful read of our original draft.
  • Prof. Tricia Shepherd’s POGIL for inspiring this proposal and to Tricia (Chair of Chemistry) herself for some fantastic edits to the original proposal.
  • Michael Peterson (Assoc. VP of Facilities) for his willingness to consider repainting JBWN 206.
  • Rebecca Frost Davis (Director of Instructional Technology) for some great adds and edits to the original proposal.
  • Mary Culkin (Director of Academic Success) and Julie Sievers (Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence) for their support of this proposal.
  • Alicia Vela (Director of Residence Life) and Pongracz Sennyey (Director of the Library) for their feedback on how St. Ed’s is broadly adapting and creating flexible use spaces for modern pedagogy.
  • Kim Kvaal (VP of Financial Affairs) for a quick review and her good questions regarding the nature of the agreement.
  • Carolyn Palaima (Assoc. Director of Sponsored Programs) and Gloria White (Director of Sponsored Programs) for a careful final read of the original proposal.
  • Kimberly Griffin (Assoc. Director of Foundation Relations), who edited and updated our submission from last year so that we could re-submit to this year’s competition.



Weather and Air Quality Data from St. Edward’s

You can now with find our air quality data from JBWS as reported to TCEQ.  While we’re not “on the map” yet, you can retrieve all of our data from CAMS1605 – St. Edward’s University at:

The met station on the roof of JBWS reports to TCEQ — these are high quality measurements.

We’re also now on Weather Underground – St. Edward’s University Station – KTXAUSTI815:

The meteorological measurements from the WU site are from the cheaper instrument deployed at the ozone garden.

These go along with our live weather cameras:

and archive at:

Thought you might like to know!  Please share with others who might have an interest!