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The secrets of the hummingbird

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A recent study in Costa Rica revealed some evolutionary secrets of one of nature’s most adorable birds–the hummingbird. Scientists at La Selva Biological Station in Costa Rica wanted to understand feeding habits of the tiny birds and how the relationship between hummingbirds and their favorite flower foods may have developed. Biologists looked at characteristics of… Continue reading

Baird’s Tapir

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Named after American naturalist Spencer Fullerton Baird, Baird’s Tapir (Tapirus bairdii) is one of the four species of the tapir family and is currently found in the national parks of Costa Rica. Tapirs are identified by their long and flexible snout, stubby tail, and are typically around 2 meters in height. They are nocturnal and vegetarian and… Continue reading

Ramphastos ambiguus

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There are different types of toucans that can be found in Costa Rica. The species that this blog will discuss is Ramphastos ambiguus. There are two colloquial names for Ramphastos ambiguus: the black mandible toucan and the yellow throated toucan. This species inhabits humid forests in the Neotropics. Photo Credit:  Hectonichus – Bronx Zoo Ramphastos ambiguus… Continue reading

The Jamaican Fruit Bat

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“Rats with wings”, “they suck your blood”, “they get caught in your hair”, “they carry diseases”; when I was young I heard all of these things about bats. Thankfully, in my schooling, I gained clarity into these rumors and common misconceptions. The fact that these creatures are so misunderstood endears them to me. While it is… Continue reading

Brown Forest Skink

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Scientific name – Sphenomorphus cherries Common name – Brown Forest Skink Biodiversity loss has increased at Las Selva Research Station in the last several years and understanding even the smallest creature’s dynamics will be beneficial in its protection. In 2013, the IUCN listed the skink as a species of least concern because of its wide… Continue reading

Three-Toed Sloth (Brown Throated Sloth) – Natural

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The 3-Toed Sloth is a famous animal, recently and noticeably gaining popularity due to zootopia’s portrayal of the animal. The dopey face and slow movements are all notable characteristics of the animal, but beneath these characteristics lies some unique hidden traits. First, there are two primary types of sloths: the two-toed sloth and the three-toed… Continue reading