Vargas January 2015

Today I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and took a nice little stroll through Blunn Creek and rested on a big, cold, rock for an hour. Where I was sitting, I was able to overlook a little pond with a flowing stream which created a beautiful and relaxing noise while I took in my surroundings. Today has been one of the warmest days this winter so it was was the perfect day to do this nature blog. In front of me was an incredible scenery of the pond and hundreds of trees surrounded me. Some green and full of life, and others dead; but still just as beautiful. Behind me were large rocks, working as a natural staircase for the creek’s visitors, each of them moist and growing bright green moss. A fresh, clean and natural aura filled the space I was observing. The pond was pure and see-through, I could see what made up the base supporting it, hundreds of rocks and small pebbles. It was as if the water was not even there, though I knew it was because of the miniature waterfall on my right side. I closed my eyes and listened to the cracking of twigs, probably due to other explorers or animals stepping on them far away but everything was so calm and silent you could hear a leaf fall. From time to time I would look up and see the clear blue sky and could spot some kind of bird soaring through, that is before the sun momentarily blinded me. Since this is my first nature blog, I was not sure what to expect. An hour alone, silent, and without technology does not sound that fun. But truthfully, it was so relaxing and it was a good break from reality. I’m really looking forward to the next nature blogs because I think it will be a great way to manage stress while also getting to explore all of the natural environments and parks that Austin has to offer. Its a great way to try new things and escape the fast-pace life of a college student. All of these thoughts flooded my mind while I sat on this hard, cold rock in the middle of Blunn Creek. It was a perfect time to reflect on the week and to kind of like organize my mind. On the way back, I followed the long dirt trail back to the road. While walking through it, I came across a lot of cacti, which really caught my eye. Always having lived in a big city like Mexico City and Houston, I never really came across cacti unless it was potted in someone’s patio or living room. I have always found them to be extremely beautiful so seeing them in their natural setting was truly amazing. I took my time walking back to campus, stepping over rocks, logs, and the dirt path while taking all of my surroundings in. It was a great and very different experience, I feel like I gained a lot from it and I’m very excited for the months to come.

blunn 1 blunn 2

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