Smiled with the rising sun

I awoke with the rising sun this morning, and went outside the back of my dorm hall walking towards blunn creek. I go to the creek often but never this early and i wanted  to monitor the world as it woke up. A small black bird pecked along the grass and flung dew in to the morning breeze as I walked past my dorm and towards the road. The grass showers my feet with the waters of the evening as a stroll through it. I make it to the road and turn towards blunn creek and breathe in the freshest breath of air I have experienced in the middle of a city.  There is no one out at 6am but me, it is oddly refreshing and a bit errie. You never realize how pressured you are when everyone is walking around in the middle of the afternoon. I am totally at peace with the world and cannot remember a time I felt more whole and close to the earth.

I am almost to blunn now, and as I near the entrance to the preserve my heart quickens and I can hear  the birds chirping in the trees. The entrance comes in to view and I stop to photograph it in the morning light. The sunlight casts off the limbs of the oaks sorrounding the entrance and splay shadows across the ground making it look like a hidden grove that mere humans cannot see. There is a certian etheral beatuy in the shadows cast by a sunrise.

I walk in to the preseve following a path I have followed a hundred times, but somehow this time seems entirely different. Everything seems cleaner and crisper in the begenning light of day. The greens seem greener, the sounds seem sharper, and I feel like I am floating along the path till it comes to the fork that goes up to the cliff, and the path that goes down towards the creek. I decide to take the steeper path towards the lower cliff because I want to look out over the creek as the sun glints off of it.

I round the last turn to the cliff and slink through the trees to perch like a bird on the rock. I see a large brown feathered creature stare at me a few moments as I bust through the trees. The bird stays only long enough to scratch his talons on the rock as if to mark his territory. I suddenly feel like I am intruding on his space and silently apologize because I dont want to break the serenity with human speech. The forest is alive with the caws of birds, the chirpping of insects, and the gurggling of the creek far below me.

I sit peacefully for what seems like a minute but is in actuallity is closer to an hour. Time seems to pass slower here in this intrinsically impearial place. I am amazed at the amount of serenity and peacefullness I feel in a world that’s so chaotic. I do not want to leave but I must.

I make it back to my dorm and sit at my desk to write my essay and glance out my open blinds to 3 little birds sitting on my window.image1 image2

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