Durkee, December 2014

Hey there yall! Sorry I wasn’t able to post last month things got really busy and I didn’t have the time to make the blog! Hopefully this last one will make up for that. If ya’ll will remember the first blog I published dealt with the area behind the Carriage house on the St. Edwards campus.

Here are some photos to remind ya’ll about the place:

IMG_1628 IMG_1627

IMG_1611 IMG_1615

Now that ya’ll are refreshed what it looks like I can talk about my observations for the rest of the semester.

I was able to see the change of this wonderful little spot on campus from a green paradise to a fall leafy expanse. Unfortunately I was not able to get pictures of the end results since I was sick and wasn’t able to get out there for the pictures. I can however tell you what I have observed over the course of the semester. In August there was a nice steady temperature and it wasnt that bad to go out and do my observations. The next few months there wasn’t much change at all. I was able to go out there without much trouble. The one month that was pretty hard was October since that was a really cold month. I was absolutely miserable when I was out observing. I did not stay out that long because the temperature was really low. Some times it was at 35 degrees and i do not like the cold especially with the wind chill that is on top of the hilltop! The other months were really nice and were not all that eventful. I was able to see a few tour groups go by and i was able to see lots of cool birds and squirrels. The one squirrel that kept annoying me with his yelling and protesting at my presence got use to me being in the area. It was nice not to hear him yelling at me ever time I would come up to the site but it was also saddening because something that was so familiar for the first few months all of a sudden went away.

I really enjoyed this semester and how it forced me to get out in the nature. I have forgotten how nice it is to be in nature since going to college. I was able to reconnect and to take some time away from studying. I was also able to go to different places to see the sights since I was not able to get out that much my freshman year in college. This was a good class to show me that I needed to go out and experience the nature that I needed to see again. I was able to see the little things in life and how amazing it is to take your time with things. You should not always be rushing things.

The thing that I found really cool was being able to go up to the Dallas Arboretum. I was able to spend the entire day there looking at all the flowers and seeing how they kept the grounds up. I could have spent forever there and it was wonderful to see the way they laid out the grounds. Their conservation of water was really wonderful to see since they were located in Texas and we are in the drought. They had lot of drought resistant plants and they were able to use those through out the Arboretum.

The class word critique that went through the classes posts show a constant in each of them. That constant was the mentioning of water in the posts. This makes sense since there needs to be awareness about the water usage and the pollution of the environment if we are to conserve the nature that each of us were so gladly  able to enjoy. There were also a lot of mention of the word beautiful numerous times in these posts. This makes sense since there are not many words that can describe the way nature moves the soul. The only word that can come to mind is beautiful and if the people do not realize the importance on maintaining it then we shall never see such beauty again.

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