Ortuno, December

The first thing I notice about our class word cloud are the action and observation words. I like seeing “felt” be a common word; it shows connections being made. I enjoy the contrast of “still” and “changes”. Out of context, they can be opposites or not be speaking towards the same objects at all. They also go hand in hand; things change,  still.


“Spot” I think, yes. Closer and closer do our connections get, we find a place where we feel we fit well; our spot.

Language is an interesting word to see. Personally, when I see this my mind immediately jumps to natural science and math as being the language of God. Derived from his creations, it is our way of attempting to grasp His methods of creation and our being.


I see a lot of viewing. “see”, ” watched”, “saw”, “observe”, which I feel is positive. We are here in real time with our own eyes. “Sound ” is so small in comparison. “Quiet”, “heard”, “hear”, I would like to see more of. I don’t really see smells or scents, besides maybe “air” and I wonder why that is. I heard somewhere that humans are one of the animals that rely on their sense of smell the least. After seeing our word cloud I’m thinking this might be true. I wonder what this word cloud would look like if it were a different species describing their thoughts.

All this “nature” is so fulfilling. “river”, “creek”, “tree”, “tadpoles”, “birds”, “park”, “leaves”, having so much fun all interacting. Living their lives, but as a part of each others in sync. All this “thinking” so many good thoughts. I feel what makes me the most happy is the “unfortunately”. We are realizing that there are problems with the current state of our environmental surroundings. The more that we get people outside the more people will begin to make these connections. I think these connections are “beautiful”.

This blog project was a very awesome things for me to share how I feel about the outdoors with others. As it is something you do not just talk about all the time. It is great to have  a space and time dedicated for them. You can find yourself in the most unlikely of places. I am one of the many that find themselves in the natural world. Find their niche, their passion and everything and anything that could ever matter in the world to them is found in God’s creation. As it has become kind of obvious throughout my posts, I am a highly spiritual person. Being outside at any time and any place is like a baptism for my soul. Cleansing, uplifting, and liberating, I have found my strength my love, myself, and God where the wild things are.

Could this be that I am a wild thing? Or just that people, no matter how refined and domesticated we might think we are, are really wild inside? We are natural beings, but we shelter ourselves in the comfort of our homes, restaurants, schools, theaters; our human society. I find it heartbreaking that so many people cannot stand to be outside. Moving from air conditioned room to air conditioned room. Animals known in zoos, cages, Animal Planet, do we really know them?


We, as people,  need help, just as much as any other ecosystem. I firmly believe there is a desperate need to reintegrate ourselves in the natural world. It’s crazy think, one day our population could overshoot, and survival of the fittest, those with the most knowledge of how the real world works, will take into place. The real world, a wild place where no human rules are followed. Diversity among species, not among people is a ridiculously fascinating idea. I love love love love and treasure everything that I learn from outside.


Finally, in the distance we can see the change building momentum. It excites me to be a part of the generation that hopefully, is an active catalyst for change. Suddenly, we can see the reconnections forming. The communication between species, humans understanding the needs and importance of having the whole party of the world is something primative, that we have lost with the rising obsession with out own intelligence, kind, and desires.


I think its hard to remember that we really don’t know what our place in the world is. In this convoluted and complex brain of our, we find it hard to keep up with our own changes, it takes us so long to accept change, but we distort and change the lives of so many others without even giving them a single thought. How will they react to the changes, if there is no belief that other animal besides humans have feelings.


I want to know the answers to so many questions I will probably never live to see the answer to, and that’s ok. All I want is the privilege to be able to show my kids, grandkids, maybe even great grandkids the beauty of the world.



“There are some who can live without wild things, and some who cannot. These essays are the delights and dilemmas of one who cannot”

I could not have expressed this any better. These feelings between Aldo Leopold and I are mutual. He is a great role model for me. Someone who understands and exudes wisdom. Hopefully one day, I will be able to be one of these people. I can only hope God lives me life to keep on learning from His creation. I am eternally grateful the opportunity to share this experience with you all. I sincerely hope   everyone has enjoyed them just as much as I have. The world is a beautiful place. I hope we can keep seeing  this beauty for generations to come. Amen.

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