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         This Month of November I got the pleasure to visit once again Barton Creek Greenbelt. I went several times this month I could tell that this time it was different from September and October. 

This time of year is the time where you can tell that winter is coming soon. The forest is such a beautiful and peaceful place to be, doesn’t matter what time of year, enjoying nature and observing what is around. It amazes me how Mother Nature creates and changes nature. 

“A tree tries to argue, bare limbs waving, but there is no detaining the wind.”- A Sand County Almanac. 

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While I was there on one of the days, I remember that it was not too hot, nor too cold. The temperature was around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This time I went around 2:00pm, I was shocked how dead it looked but at the same time it was beautiful. This time it didn’t smell like last time of nature, flowers the only smell I could smell was just old wood. I did the same walk that I did last time and this time when I ended up at the bottom of the hill where the nice river with flowing water was, it surprised me that there was less water. Although couple of weeks ago it had rained so much in Austin. But it was nice to see that it wasn’t dried up like one of the times I was there. Small fishes were wondering around the shallow water, but this time I couldn’t see any turtles. I sat down again on the same spot, and started to think how nature changes so fast just for about couple of weeks, if I went there everyday I wouldn’t see much of a difference, but this time I could. The sad part of my trip this time, nearly all the birds migrated to hotter places, I didn’t hear one sound only the sound of the flowing water. I was surprised to see how clear the water was! 

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One small beautiful butterfly bright yellow caught my eyes as soon as I came in; it was a nice pop of color with so many dark colors around. Many species migrate or hide about this time of year. All the leaves are dead or soon to be dead, from the several times I’ve been to Barton Creek Greenbelt colors of the trees and leaves changed dramatically. There was a mix in the forest from green, to dark green, dark red and dark brown. Some of the leaves were completely on the rocky ground and some were about to fall down from the trees and the plants. The ground was not as dry, and asking for water as last time, because last time it was really dry and sad. A couple of weeks ago it had rained and I wasn’t happy about it, but when I went back to the forest I took my words back and actually gave thanks that it had rained. We should all be thankful of what we have, and we should take care of what Mother Nature makes for us. 


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