Chavira, November 2014

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The cold weather was noticeable in Blunn Creek for the month of November and the wildlife was affected from the change in season. The day was cool but the wind was strong causing it to feel freezing and few animals were present but it seemed almost silent. A couple of bugs still buzzed around but the changes of the landscape were more noticeable with leaves changing color and many plants were not has green but turning brown. The scene was peaceful and even with the cold weather everything was beautiful and showed the natural process of changes in seasons. In my second observation of the month, the weather had dropped and the wind was harsh but has I arrived at my spot I saw the plants turn brown and gray and huge patches of trees had changed leaves of they had fallen. A butterfly flew around before disappearing and few insects crawled around the ground. The birds were silent except for instances where they called out to one another.  The day was cloudy with gray skies and the sun was hidden and a promise of rain for later on was noticeable. The preserve had changed so much from when I started my observations and it is so incredible to see the progress in nature. It allowed me to see how the environment deals with change and all the factors that affect it in a daily basis.

The weather was still cool but t lowering sun was present causing life to appear in the preserve and allowing me to see more animals. The bees which were ones here in big groups going from plant to plant were gone but other insects appeared taking their place. Birds were flying around from tree to tree and their chirping was loud and making the scene nice and natural. The days have been getting shorter which makes the night come sooner and allowed me to observe what happens in Blunn Creek has night descends. There is a lot of movement from insects, birds and other animals and everything seems peaceful and different. On my last observation of the month the weather was perfect it was warm and the sun was out with a bit of wind. The ground was moist from the past days of rain and gave back some life to some plants but others were withered and dead.  The day was silent and the wind moved the brown and crunch leaves around showing the presence of autumn and the presence of winter. Being in the preserve made me feel calm and made me connect with the environment around me.  Aldo Leopold said, “It is inconceivable to me that an ethical relation to land can exist without love, respect, and admiration for land, and a high regard for its value”. I believe in what Leopold says because the land is so important and we must have a good ethical relationship and we can only achieve it with having a high respect for our environment.



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