Chavez, November 2014

This month’s blog I have decided to talk about my experience of Thanksgiving traveling to New York City. This city is filled with beautiful skylines and many buildings that keep your head always turning up, however it also has a beautiful park in the middle of this city that everybody knows, which is Central Park. In between all the New Yorkers rushing besides you, buses filled with tourists, and everybody seeming as if they were in a hurry, New York City has this place where people can escape from all of this rushing society and be able to interact with the environment.

The day I arrived to New York it was snowing, windy, cloudy, and very very cold; not something we are used to in Texas. All the days we were here were quite the same temperature, which was around 36 Fahrenheit degrees, however due to the wind and lack of sunshine it felt much colder. I walked in Central Park in the afternoon through several of its paths and enjoying all of its views not only to the city, but to the lake and huge trees that surrounds it. As expected from the weather, some parts of the lake were frozen already probably from the day it had snowed, however in the unfrozen parts of the lakes there was still many ducks floating around. Ducks were not the only animals I saw, many squirrels were running around and climbing up and down from the trees. An interesting thing that caught my eye about the squirrels was that they were not the same color as the ones I am used to seeing in Austin; they are usually brown or light brown, and the ones that I saw were more with gray and black colors. I am not really sure why is this, however I would think because of the harsher temperatures they are exposed here, the color of their fur must be different in order for them to adapt.

The colors of the trees were beautiful, it was filled with all the fall colors and still some green trees and grass. The grass was filled with leaves that have fallen from the trees already, most of the leaves found on the floor were already yellow and brown. However, there were many trees that had beautiful orange and red orange leaves.

“To those devoid of imagination a blank place on the map is a useless waste; to others, the most valuable part.” This quote from A Sand County Almanac reminded me a lot from this experience in New York City for several reasons. In a city that is filled with people everywhere and lack of space seems to be problem I do not doubt that people have tried to use space from Central Park to try to make it a business of it, however as the quote says these spaces are what is the most valuable part. From all the parts that I visited, Central Park was one of my favorites due to this reason. It feels as an escape for people to enjoy nature and get away from everything that surround the city. 

Central Park    Central Park    Central Park

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