This Month of October I got the Pleasure to visit a different location that I have never been to, since I am not from Austin I thought it was nice for me to be able to observe a different place. This time I attended Barton Creek Greenbelt.


         I went several times this month, as you can see on the pictures that I posted it started with green, bright colors and beautiful flowers around. It was definitely different from the place that I attending last time, The Hamilton Pool Preserve.


         I really liked this forest it reminded me of movie in the middle of the woods and rocks and nature around me. It was a pretty peaceful day, I am a peaceful person and I got to relax while I was there. I always tell my friends “Peace & Love”. And this location really gave me that Peace and Love feeling.



         While I was there on one of the days, I remember that it was hot, the temperature was around 85 degrees Fahrenheit. I was there walking around 11:00am, I was overcome by the smell flowers, and the very pleasant smell of nature. While walking for a while I ended up at the bottom of the hill where there is a really nice river with flowing water. I sat down at the edge and started thinking about life, I was thinking about the different types of species that were in the water, the only thing that I could see were turtles- small ones a large once, there were also small fishes, they were all so cute. There were very pretty birds flying from tree to tree and drinking water; while I was looking at them I was thinking that soon they are going to start to migrate to a hotter place, because at night it was starting to get chilly. Overall it was a peaceful sight to just sit down next to the river to hear all these different types of birds singing.


 “It is warm behind the driftwood now, for the wind has gone with the geese. So would I- if I were the wind.”- A Sand County Almanac. 


 After two weeks I went there again, and I went the same rout that I went the first time. In my opinion it changed a lot, all these bright colors and flowers was nearly all gone. There were a lot of dark green plants and trees but flowers they were nearly all dried up and turned brown. It felt like everything was going to sleep. I went there around 10:00am; it was a pretty chilly morning, about 60 Fahrenheit. I am a person that doesn’t like the cold at all. The most shocking thing for me that there were no species of animals around, I didn’t see any squirrels, and  I was expecting to see some. When I ended at the bottom of the forest, where the first couple of times there was a river, that morning the river had dried up, not one drop of water. I felt sad; I didn’t like that image at all. The rocks were dried up and I could feel that the plants and trees where asking for water, the ground especially. You can tell from the pictures here that I have posted.

image3  image7



         While I was walking on that chili day I was thinking how fast the nature changes. All of the sudden the weather changed. And I sat down again on the rocks and just thought about things that happened in my life. And I was also thinking about the planet and how things change dramatically. I was looking around all of people where walking there dogs and just saw the people passing and there were less wild animals like bids, fish, turtles or any squirrels. I thought I was going to see them but unfortunately I didn’t. The view was nicer and beautiful at the beginning of October. But still the environment was peacefully; we should all take care of the world.






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