Heffernan, October 2014

October is the month that my runs start to become the most enjoyable. At the start of the month, it’s still incredibly hot here in Texas compared to other places. There were a few weeks where we still passed 90 degrees and everyone was still wearing shorts and tank tops. There was also a mini cold front and we were graced with a few days of sweaters, but then the next day it was back to sweating in the Texas sun. Texas weather also does this interesting thing where it changes its mind multiple times a day. In the morning, it will be cold enough that I will want to wear a sweater to my 9am. But by the time I get out of class around 2pm, the sun will be blazing and the temperature is at least 15 degrees warmer. If you stay out long enough though, the temperature begins to drop again, and you’ll wish you hadn’t changed ditched your jacket earlier.

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Because of this crazy fluctuation of temperature every day, I got sick for two weeks this month. So for this month, I was only able to go on two long runs in which I truly looked at the nature around me. The first run that I went on was at Bull Creek again. I went right before sunset, and the weather was perfect. It was right when the temperature began its slow descent, so instead of suffocating in the canopy of the trees like my last run there, I was at the perfect temperature in my shorts and t-shirt. Not only was the temperature optimal, but also the scenery is beautiful at this time of year. The plants have begun to lose their bright green color, but they’re not all the way dead yet. The tall grass that was green last time I ran through it was now turning brown, and made a soothing rustling sound as the dried blades brushed against each other as I ran through them. And instead of kicking up a dust storm behind me, then newly fallen leaves padded my footsteps. The falling leaves are nothing like the bright reds oranges and yellows like in northern states right now, but they still presented beautiful shades of brown and orange. The majority of the trees were still holding on to their green leaves right now though, so I’m looking forward to seeing more of the color change and falling leaves in the next month.


The second long run I went on was across the St. Edward’s campus. I went late at night after studying at the library, so the sun had long set and there was a crisp breeze. The air was cool, but not so cold that it burned my lungs like it does in the winter. I ran in leggings and a t-shirt and felt absolutely perfect. I’m glad to say that the cricket infestation has lessened dramatically. I could still hear the chorus from the surrounding trees and grass, but they weren’t crowding the sidewalks anymore. The trees on campus are holding on to their leaves longer than the trees at bull creek, but the acorns have begun to fall all over the sidewalks. Running at night I didn’t see any squirrels running about, but walking between classes during the day the squirrels have begun to scurry about collecting the acorns from the grass and ground.


Today is a nice 77 degrees right now, and in the forecast it says that we are suppose to get another cold front tomorrow. It’s taken Texas a little wile to catch up with the rest of the country, but it looks like fall is finally here.

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