Chavira, October 2014

For this month, I decided to go explore Blunn Creek and I choose a new spot to observe because even though Blunn Creek is small it still has a lot of diversity. I chose a spot closer to the creek and I was able to see a difference between this site and my original spot. I sat down on the side of the trail and saw animals going from one place to another.  A squirrel came out of nowhere and ran across the trail and disappeared behind the large trees. The scenery of this spot has a more diverse set of trees and the soil is moist because of the closeness to the creek. I like the feeling of being in the same creek but seeing a different side of it because of the diversity. On my second visit, the sky clear and it was hot but the wind brought a nice cool breeze. I sat and looked around me I saw all the different types of trees and plants around me and it was interesting how all these trees could be next to each other. Also, many little bugs were around me and small insects and I realized how the creeks nearness affects many things. The influence of water is strong and understandable since all living creatures need it to survive. This new spot contained much more noise this day then my first visit from different birds calling out to each other, insects flying around and small noises in the woods.

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Coming back to my original spot after being in a different area has made me see a new perspective on things around me. Has I walked through the over grown and beautiful small yellow flower plants, I saw all these bees around. I was so nervous because I did not want to disturb them has they go from flower to flower collecting nectar. When I got to my favorite spot and sat down I noticed how even though there were a lot of new plan still growing other plants were turning yellow and brown. A large brown butterfly caught me off guard and landed on me and I felt calm and very peaceful. The landscape has been changing because of the change of the season there were more noticeable sign of fall arriving because of the brown leaves and some trees still had green leaves. On my last visit it was a cloudy day and was a little cool but there was still a lot of activity in Blunn Creek. There were even more bees swarming around and the farther down I went the more bees appeared. Since, it had not rained for while many plants are dying and the dirt is very brittle and has no moisture. Aldo Leopold said, “It is easy to say the loss is all in our mind’s eyes, but is there any sober ecologist who will agree? He knows full well that there has been an ecological death, the significance of which is inexpressible in terms of science” (138). This came into my mind because of the importance of biodiversity and learning about mass extinctions in class and how we must be observant of our environment.




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