phillip nieto blunn creek

For the month of October I decided to revisit and conduct my explorations of the ecology with in Blunn Creek yet again. This time around I decided to take a different approach compared to my visits before in the previous month. Instead of venturing in the nature preserve during the early afternoon hours like i usually would, I thought that going around mid-evening would be a better idea. Now having chosen a different time to observe and record my data, I went in with the mindset of expecting to see some changes when compared to the data recorded in the month before.As I made my first visit to the original site I immediately noticed a couple of changes right away. Since the fall season is now making its way through this October month, and the time I started going was later on when the sun did not shine as bright there was a huge temperature difference. Also the vegetation in the park started to look very color full and different. Now the leaves on trees were not the bright green from the summer time but are now starting to turn different colors and wither off the trees that they are hanging from. Also since I went to the creek at a later hour the amount of activity seen by animals was at a minimal. Being later on in the day the animals more than likely were trying to find shelter and conserve energy for the next day. The only things I were able to hear were just crickets making noise between each other. The preserve was definitely a lot quieter than last month when more animals were interacting with the environment. This was pretty much the overall way things went from week to week. Over the course of this month I can say the variation between each trip stay very much the same since this new set of data was recording during one season and in between two of them changing. Still, even though the creek was not as active and remained the same there was still a peaceful beauty to be admired with in the nature. In the words of the great Aldo Leopold, he said” “Our ability to perceive quality in nature begins, as in art, with the pretty. It expands through successive stages of the beautiful to values as yet uncaptured by language.” Thankfully this time when I went over to the Blunn Creek natural preserve it was very great to see not a much pollution. I think people are slowly realizing that leaving even just the smallest amount of trash can lead to extreme problems happening in the future. Still it was just good to know more people are starting to respect the land given to us.

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