Pbarbans :Observation of September :

September Week 1 :

This week, 5 september 2014, I was waiting someone to go the Hillfest and i was next to the  theatre of St Edward, waiting under a tree, sitting on a bench, and watching the center of Austin. The weather was normal, nice. 20 minutes later it started to rain. It was beautiful because the views was decided in five parts: rain, clear, rain, clear, rain. It was raining on 3 different parts on the sky and also 2 different parts where it wasn’t raining. I’ve never seen that before and I think it’s a interesting thing and in the same time a weird thing.

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September Week 2 :

This week, I was surprising buy the population density of cricket at St Edward’s University. During the night if you are walking in the university you can see a lot of cricket everywhere. That make a disagreeable song, and they are living during the night. I never see that of my life, that looks like of a invasion of cricket every night in the university.

September Week 3 :

This week I was playing guitar outside my casitas and I saw a squirrel laying down between both Dujarié’s casitas, I was wandering my self, like maybe this squirrel hurt his self and he can move more. So I approach it and it go up in a tree, so I can observe than squirrel could have strange behavior, it’s not common for squirrel to lay down on the grown and don’t be afraid. I can think they have the habit of human now at St Edwards, so they know than no danger can come from humans.

September Week 4 :

This week I was chilling near the main building and i saw some butterflies. They were beautiful and i was surprising by the size of them. In Europe we have butterflies but they are small to compare of the butterflies from here. Maybe one butterfly here is the size of two butterflies in Europe. That is awesome, they are really wonderful, it’s crazy how the nature can be different for same species in different areas.

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