“Our ability to perceive quality in nature begins, as in art, with the pretty. It expands through successive stages of the beautiful to values as yet uncaptured by language.”


In the month of September we still are experiencing the summer heat until the past two weeks it has rainy and gloomy, which has been refreshing. Fall is coming the temperature is falling. Zilker Park, which is in the middle of the Colorado River I believe. It has very nice trails and is very relaxing after a long day. My first nature walk was still very humid and hot. But the view from the bridge past Lamar on to the horizon was beautiful, the vivid green trees and the reflection of the water is breath taking.


Going on the same trail after heavy rains throughout the day made the atmosphere somber and calm. The air smelled damp and musty, the skies weren’t clear but it brought out a different type of beauty to the environment around me. On the bridge again the view was spectacular. There was a bed of flowers that fascinated me, they drew me in, they were unfolding or folding, I’m not sure, but the in the middle stage made it the more interesting to see.


Walking 8c2bd38ceabf02f59f3eea789b5e3fecnext to the water and seeing the various types of birds floating on the water and the few squirrels running around and the insects in the plants, the amount of biodiversity right where I was standing I could see all these different aspects of nature at work. I sat on the bench and looked out the water. The skies where clearing and the birds where coming back. Life was resuming, in the 30mins I spent sitting down it went some barley hearing anything to listening to birds and people walking and jogging. The power of feeling as though things around you have rejuvenated themselves is very reassuring. Mother nature really is a force not to mess with. The strong winds and heavy rains that occurred just an hour or two before clearing up and flowers blooming and animals coming on of hiding to taste the rays sun slowly exposing themselves through the clearing clouds. It was a beautiful experience. 2c7505313d2269a196e7a0c9c1e20656 daabe931939322bc8f83f2c0fd3eaba5 2741faff10c21869ec0e19e7f866579a e0349b0ce6cbfae2f54f11a0ea64e97f

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