Jaimes, Sept.2014

Temperature: 88 degrees Fahrenheit

Time: 6:30p.m.

Humidity: o%


“It is not only boundaries that disappear, but also the thought of being bounded. Expanses unknown to deed or map are known to every dawn, and solitude, supposed no longer to exist in my county, extends on every hand as far as the dew can reach.” (Leopold, 41)

As I went to different places in Austin and sat to look at what was around me, I remembered the quote in Leopold’s book, which is stated above. I thought about this quote because what may seem as an endless place of nature, at some point, society draws a line and marks what is part of a city or town and what is part of a park. Even though something may seem to not have any boundaries, you are still bounded by something physical like a fence, or wildlife that encircles the area. From where I stood above a hill, I could see a couple of houses here and there, but the nature around was more powerful than the houses that popped out above the trees.

From where I stood, I could see mostly trees, but the trees were enough to tell how change is around the corner. Most of the trees were green, but not all were of the same shade. Some were darker, others brighter. You can see that some trees are beginning to lose color and that soon their leaves will turn brown and fall. On other trees, you can tell that the rain has been absent and the sun too harsh; you could tell that there was not enough rainfall and because of that, the leaves dried out. From above, you could also see the hills that shape all around the city. It is a very beautiful view because you can see across to other hill see how far the hill stretch.

After standing on top of the hill, I went down to get a closer look at a smaller area. What I saw from below the trees was different from what I saw above. Below the trees was an area that was full of vegetation. Everything was green and looked full of life. I did not see many animals, but I did see some birds and insects. From above, I could see different shades of green. From below I saw darker shades of green that what I saw from above. I saw trees, shrubs, and trees that are still fairly young.  There was a wide range of plants and trees, all which live within the same ecosystem.

In both of these spots I visited, the temperature felt warm. There was no humidity and occasionally, a breeze would go through. This, along with the amount of golden sunlight there was made the evening very pleasant. I walked around the area and looked for any animals but unfortunately, I did not see anything. Occasionally, I would hear birds within the trees but I was unsuccessful at spotting the birds.  Despite this, the amount of vegetation that was around the area was very diverse. After an hour of exploring the area, the sun was soon to set and would also become dark.


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