Chavira, September 2014

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I walked the couple of minutes to Blunn Creek and felt the warm rays of sunshine from the afternoon sun. I stood in the middle of a path of the creek and sat down in a dry spot to observe the surrounding area. Everything was quiet except for the buzzing of the bugs going from plant to plant. Birds flew in the sky and descended down to bare tree branches. The plants around me were brown from the scorching sun and the minimal rain for the past weeks. As I looked around it seemed so calm just to sit and see that nature moves on with or without human activity. There is a variety of plants and animals in the ecosystem and each was busy with there on own task. A small butterfly flies to a flower with its yellow wings flapping around and trying to get food.  In my next visit to Blunn creek it seemed the same with only a few minimal changes from the temperature. The plants and grass were turning brown and falling down from the lack of water and the constant sun. The ground made a crunching sound has I walked around to observe the plants and the few animals that were out. The ground was dry and showed no sign of any water and it showed in the activity of the environment. Water has caused the ecosystem to slow down and it makes me see the great impact water has to flourish the planet. This shows the value of the water cycle and how everything is connected and every part is necessary to function.

My next visit to Blunn Creek was filled with humidity from the past couple of days of heavy rain which caused a change in the ecosystem. The plants and trees became a vivid green and flowers blooming from many plants around my favorite spot. My favorite plant was one made of tiny flowers all around it and the colors were a bright yellow and a soft pink. Blunn Creek seemed more alive with butterflies flying around and insects making noise to fill the silence that was present before. Plans were revived from the brown coloring to a natural and beautiful green that brighten up the wilderness. On my last visit of the month, I sat in my normal spot and noticed the moist soil and the ants and insects that scurried from one place from another. Aldo Leopold said, “Wilderness is the raw material out of which man has hammered the artifact called civilization”. Has I sat and looked around I noticed how important the wilderness is to the foundation to civilization because it teaches you so much about how everything is intro connected. The rain helped give life back and the plants became stronger and  more dense.The plants and grass are over grown now and making the path obscure but in a natural and beautiful way. Has the sun begins to set everything becomes quiet and a peaceful and begin to walk back until next week.

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