Benites, September 2014




I decided to explore my local neighborhood park since I visit this park every day and it was easy for me to see the environmental changes and the variety of species that are living in this area and also the species that moves to this park every week throughout the month. Most of the time I visit this park when I take my dog for a walk, before this assignment I never realize the things that are going on in the park. It was really interesting to see how many things are changing every week throughout the month since I started exploring the environment of the neighborhood park.

The first week I went to the neighborhood park I started exploring the area, it was dry and I wasn’t able to see many variety of insect around the park, the most notable insect around the park was, ants an lot of them. I also notice that they were 2 types of birds around the park looking for food in the ground and on the trees surrounding the neighborhood park



The second week that I was exploring the changes in the park I notice that it was more colorful and less dry than the past week, and the reason of this change was that it was raining days before I was visiting the park. During this visit I started to notice more insect movement around the neighborhood park and more variety of plants emerging from the ground and trees. Something that caught my attention was the overabundance of scarabs in the neighborhood park and near areas after the rain these little insects were everywhere.

The third week every plant was green and big since it didn’t stop raining for a while in the area that I live in Austin, also bringing a lot of new wild life to the area. These environmental changes brought a lot of insect to the neighborhood park and also created a development of new plants around the area. What I notice mas the presence of new insect like frogs, crickets and more variety of birds around the neighborhood park another animal that I saw running around the park was the presence of a opossum this animal is a Mammal marsupial up to 50 cm in length similar to a rat, it has a pointed snout and long prehensile tail and naked using to move their young; it a nocturnal omnivorous and lives in America.




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