Barton Creek Trail

Since I love outdoors it was an easy task for me to go out and explore what happens in nature. I believed that going to Barton Creek trail was going to be perfect to take a look of how the environment changes and how many species move from one place to another throughout the month.

The first time that I went this month I decided to go biking with some friends and I took the opportunity to observe for at least 30 minutes while I was resting, I love how being silent and listening to the nature could be such an incredible experience. The noise some crickets did when jumping just some meters away from me caught me rapidly, i grabbed one cricket and tried to take a picture from it but it was quite difficult.barton creek

For the second week that I went to the same place I realized that there was some aridity in the place that I sat the past week, I appreciated some birds that were singing and singing over again and I had the opportunity to take some pictures form one of them. I realized how birds were looking for food over the trees and that they flew towards places where there was some water. I walked around and figured out that there were many spider nets, it was obvious that the spider nets were located in that place because there was no wind due to the inclination that spot

barton creek 2

This trail was not as green as it looks in this picture that I took this last week, the rain that Barton Creek trails received helped a lot to the vegetation that abounds in this specific trail. It is quite impressive how nature changes throughout the time with the help of many factors such as wind that created aridity as I mentioned before, rain that the soil and vegetation took advantage of and that is why this trail looks greener than the first time that I visited. I have a ranch in Mexico and it is quite impressive how species adapt to the environment that they grow, how plants adapt to the terroir they are planted and how they take the sun and rain. I had the opportunity to appreciate some squirrels playing around, observing at them I realized how they do not get scared by the people that walks in through those trails, those squirrels are already adapted to the human existence in their environment. Throughout this weekends I enjoyed and acknowledge how species in the Barton Creek trails have different ways of adapting to their environment, the spiders look places were wind is not as tough as in other places, squirrels are often seen around the trails and that might be because of left overs of people that walk by and they take advantage of that food. It was astonishing how rain and humidity is rapidly taken by the vegetation of this specific trails, the environment that surrounds all this species are quite good for their living.



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