Graybill, April

“Like other artists, my river is temperamental; there is no predicting when the mood to paint will come upon him, or how long it will last. But in midsummer, when the great white fleets cruise the sky for day after flawless day, it is worth strolling down to the sandbars just to see whether he has been at work.” -Aldo Leopold

April flew by, but I got to spend a few weekends in Galveston. My parents have a house on the bay side, and it’s always so nice to go there and have a change of scenery. There are different sights, smells, and sounds on the island. It’s so peaceful on the water, and the sunsets are incomparable. We spent a lot of April talking about climate change in class, and Galveston was brought up a couple of times. It’s scary to think that my parents house may eventually be underwater due to climate change.

The photos below were taken on April 18th. The water was so calm in the canal and the sunset was full of color. The water was much more glassy than what I was used to. I had to snap a picture of the sunset reflecting on the water because of how pretty it was.These canals are manmade, but there is so much beauty in them.

IMG_0326 IMG_0329

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