Holley- April/May


As I visited this spot for the last time this month, I couldn’t help but realize how much change I have witnessed. Over the past few weeks I have seen so much new growth of trees and vegetation. There has also been a tremendous spike in animal activity. I watched squirrels, birds, and many insects scurrying through the area. Most notably, there has been a huge rise in bee activity. Many times there were so many that I feared getting stung. This most likely corresponds to the rise in flowers in the area. These bees are most likely acting as the pollinating agents. I have grown to enjoy visiting this spot and basking in the quiet serenity where I am left with nothing but nature and my thoughts. I hope to continue visiting the area in the future, which shouldn’t be too hard since it is located in one of my friend’s backyards.




The waterfall, my favorite spot, is still spitting out a constant stream of water that forms a gentle mist when a gust of wind goes by. New growth forms along the banks of the stream that adds a nice touch of green foliage to the area.

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