Castillo- April/May

4 riverToday is April 12th i’m back at the river place nature trails certainly getting hotter than the previous months. I immediately noticed more people on the trails jogging and walking there dogs.







The water is fast and loud and you cant help, but to hear the birds chirping. It’s only 86 degrees, but coming out from underneath the shade it feels like 90.

2 rocky trail



6tree sproutsThere are way more shrubs and flowers and the trails don’t feels as dry. Though it really really isn’t that hot after 30 minutes I’ve already started to perspire. The trail is looking a lot more lively and you can tell that summer is around the corner.





5 burnt treee thingToday is May 3rd its 81 degrees and 10:15 AM. Today really feels like a great place to be right now. Luckily I decided to wear shorts so the heat isn’t such a big deal. It only took about 35 minutes to get here and the drive itself seemed much calmer than previous trips ¬†and now walking down these paths the air still seems much more laid back and calmer than that of the busy sidewalks on campus.

I’m realizing how much greener the trees are from before and though there aren’t an extremely large number of birds visible you can hear all kinds of cuu’ing and crazy singing from around the tree tops.

1 ground grassIt’s really interesting once you take a look at the previous months how the entire feel of the trails change entirely. Although I came here before just to hike around and get away from the Austin hustle and bustle coming here with the purpose of stopping and observing everything around me really brought me to notice all the beautiful natural changes that take place around us.







3 recycle binsI feel that if more people were to take the time to indulge in nature they would feel a more personal connection with our Earth and have a stronger sense of ownership thus in turning having a stronger drive to protect what little we have left.

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