This morning I traveled to a different place in Blunt Creek. I went down a trail behind St. Edwards. The temperature is is 77 degrees, and it is slightly humid. Immediatly as I arrived, I realized I picked a good day to come. The sun is shining and the birds rae singing. It is the most wonderful season in texas, bluebonnet season.

I walked on this  same trail in september, but today it looks completely different. The first time I saw it it looked like the rest of blunn creek- dried up, shrivled, and wild. The only colors in blunn creek are brown, grey, and little bits of green here and there. But today there was color and life all around.

The bluebonnets were everywhere, and many yellow butterflies flew around. I also saw two rabbits.  Interstingly, however I didn’t find any Indian Paintbrushes. I found a cacti that looked like it was dying. Half of it was missing, and the ragged edges were brown and dried out. I assume that this has something to do with a lack of water.

Bluebonnet season is always my favorite because it is such a drastic change from the typical Texas Landscape. Walking down the trail reminded me of a quote I read from a silent spring, which said

Those who contemplate the beauty  of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.”

The link below that says IMG 9889  is a video with multiple frames I took on my walk.





IMG_9886 IMG_9894 IMG_9887

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