Holley, March


This month I continued to visit the spot by the waterfall. There were several distinct differences that I saw unfold. Perhaps the most obvious was the insect activity that was much more prevalent. While there were always a few here and there, this month saw a dramatic rise in the number of small insects. One of the coolest to watch were the swarms of dragonflies. they seemed to fly in packs all around me. While walking on the trail to the waterfall I also noticed a large number of spiders. This is no doubt a response to the large number of insects in the area. I was able to find these spiders by accidentally walking through many of their webs. after scraping off the webs, I sat in the same area as before.


This photo above shows that the moss has become much greener and seems to be thriving in the area.


Another huge change in the area over the last month has been the increase in flora. There were many areas filled with these violet/pink colored flowers. This most likely corresponds to the coming of the spring season. They made for a much prettier scene and a fragrant smell to the area.


The image above shows the abundance of foliage in the area.

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