Weiss- February

” Each species, including ourselves, is a link in many chains.”


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As I take a minute to reflect on the month of February, I find that this month was very unpredictable. One stretch of was full of bright and sunny days while another stretch would be full of cold winter days. I noticed that our backyard bird population has been fluctuating all month. Some days we would have large groups of visitors and other days we had no guests. What was most interesting about this month was the change in scenery. Our backyard has blossomed with different color weeds. In the past week the purple weeds decided to migrate from the backyard to the front yard. The two trees in the backyard have decided to not bloom in unison. The one in the back has begun its blooming process, while our tree on the side still has not made any change from how it looked it January. I am curious to see what kinds of changes the month of March will bring to our backyard.


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