Holley, February


I ventured again to the area behind Stonewall Jackson’s cabin on February 28th. Since the last visit there haven’t been any noticeable changes other than the temperature itself. Today it was in the low 80’s which is¬†unseasonably warm for this time of year.



I chose a spot near the waterfall again and watched the same waterbugs that I saw last time glide across the surface. The vegetation around the area is still a lush green and the area still seems to be thriving. Unlike last time, I briefly observed a squirrel making his way across the landscape. It was more rewarding this time having actually seen an animal, even briefly.



The sounds of the waterfall remind me of the quote from A Sand County Almanac “Each year, after the midwinter blizzards, there comes a night of thaw when the tinkle of dripping water is heard in the land.”


My favorite spot is still the cave beside the waterfall.

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