February, Park Morse

February 28

High: 79 Low: 52

The Alpine Road Pond felt relatively warm on this day.   As opposed to the 30 degree weather we had a few days prior,  today even felt hot.  The Pond  seemed relatively the same as  in January.  The 28th of February marks the end of winter in Texas, at least for the most part.   The deciduous trees continue to remain bare and the group of ducks that I observed last month(if they are the same ones) have not left.

Unlike the last visit, when I approached the waters edge I noticed a myriad of tiny swimming creatures, weaving in between the Arrowhead.  At first I thought they were tadpoles, however after some research I’m more convinced that these were in fact mosquito fish.  Mosquito fish are around the same size and shape as tadpoles and were placed in the pond by the city to feed on mosquito larvae, hence the name.   I also noticed a group of grackles perched atop the Bulrush stalks.  Each time I ventured too close to either duck or grackle, they would promptly move to a more distant area.   In addition, the Bulrush acted as a barrier between me the inhabitants of the pond.  Most of the life seemed to cling to to water’s edge.

“A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.”


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