Bisaga, January

//On campus
// Sunny, sparse and this cloud cover
// 77 C, 53% humidity, slight breeze (4mph)
// Friday, January 31, 2014


I am sitting on top of a hill, looking toward the skyline. To my left, the sun in descending from its zenith.  Despite the serene environment, life is evident all about me with humans bustling about and nature teeming with activity. Immediately around me is long, dried out grass. Tufts of it lazily move with the wind. Other parts have been compacted by the feet of adventurers into paths around the perimeter of the forest at my back. The grass shares space with little five-leafed plants. Unfortunately the picturesque view is peppered with trash. The trash echoes the presence of humans along with the distant shouts of athletes on the nearby sports fields.

I follow a path into the forest; more trash lines the trail. An old blanket belonging to lovers in the past days crumpled within the trees. Broken beer bottles and cigarette packs lie in the trodden earth. I even find a poster I had designed earlier this month, discarded and forgotten. Despite the obvious footprint here, birds still sing to each other. Trees stretch out to one another and insects buzz around.

I leave the area and walk around the perimeter again. I hear movement among the trees. Through dense layers of leafless trees I spot a bird exploring. I continue along the path and find more trash. I explore the garden. All the plants seem to have survived the heavy frost from earlier this week. The sun keeps lowering and continues to illuminate the grass, turning it into an ocean of gold.




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