A Trip to the Greenbelt – Hennessy

photoMy first hour for this blog was spent in one of my favorite spots at the Blunn Creek Nature Preserve right next to campus.  It was a sunny day with almost no clouds in the sky and the temperature was almost perfect at about 75 degrees.  One thing I noticed was how still the environment was at that time.  What I mostly heard was the wind blowing through the bushes and trees.  Not much wildlife was present at that moment but I did hear some rustling possibly caused by some birds or rabbits.  I was disappointed to find an empty liquor bottle that had been thrown on the ground.  It is concerning to me to find trash all over the preserve because it could be harmful to the animals and it really takes away from the beauty of the nature.

IMG_3270For my next experience in nature I chose to go to the Greenbelt with a couple friends.  The day was very beautiful.  The sun was out and only a few clouds were in the sky.  It was one of the warmest days of the winter so far at about 80 degrees. We were not the only ones with the idea to go hiking as we saw many people out taking in the sun. This picture was taken on top of some cliffs that we decided to climb.  The lookout from the cliffs was amazing.  I could see the whole landscape of the region and the way the Barton Creek carved through the forest.  I also waited and watched the sun set from on top of the cliffs.  The colors of the sun made the whole area more beautiful and I just sat and looked at the land in a wonderful silence.

IMG_9395The greenbelt has all sorts of different geography.  After we climbed the cliffs, we went down and decided to walk by the creek.  My favorite part about the greenbelt is the rock formations that have been formed by the creek.  The way the water flows through the rocks and at some points creates mini waterfalls, is such a cool thing to look at.  It’s too bad that the weather wasn’t warmer because the Greenbelt is a great place to swim.  The whole environment is so peaceful and full of so many different things.  I could spend hours in the greenbelt and still have more to discover the every time I go back.

IMG_2780The Greenbelt was not just a homework assignment to me.  Being in there and sitting peacefully with nature was one of the most calming things.  With all the stresses in our everyday lives, places like these are a great way to get away and think with a clear mind.  The park also has some of the coolest sights and nature really shows it complex beauty. “A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.”

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