Again, I found myself just East enough out of Austin to see the flux of hills into the flat but lush areas surrounding Lockhart. Not too sure whether these huge trees I see are pecan or oak, but they are massive and don’t resemble my home the way the mesquite trees do. I am also once again surprised by the crazy difference in insects is out East. I become face to face with this massive spider who hardly even moved the whole time I was near it/him/her, and its only after a while that I notice I’ve been mimicking its idleness, and a quote comes to mind: “The man who cannot enjoy his leisure is ignorant, though his degrees exhaust the alphabet, and the man who does enjoy his leisure is to some extent educated, though he has never seen the inside of a school”. Now I doubt this sweet sweet spider has ever seen the inside of a school, however I’m sure it was there in that very spot before I got there and for who knows how long after, which led me to envy how no job, appointment, or human subdued its will to remain as leisurely as ever.

I tried forever to get it in focus but alas this was the best I could do

On my way out, I mad eye contact with this little beauty and waited there for a good five minutes before saying goodbye.

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