Field Site Supervisor’s Manual


The SEU MAC Field Site Supervisor Manual is intended to guide the site supervisory process and clarify the roles and responsibilities of the student, university, university instructor, site, and site supervisor. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome and will assist us to continually improve the quality of the field experience and the efficiency of our working relationship.


You can also review the MAC Practicum_Internship Student Manual. All students are required to review the manual prior to practicum.


Summary of Hour Requirements

(hour requirements are dependent on the student’s degree program)


Track Practicum Hours (completed at on-campus training clinic) Internship I Hours Internship II Hours TOTAL
Direct Total Direct Total Direct Total

(MCFC students- 75 direct hours must be working with systems)

40 100 120 300 120 300 280/700

*In addition to the development of individual counseling skills, during either the practicum or internship, students must lead or co-lead a counseling or psychoeducational group

**For CMHC/MCFC-CACREP Internship -A maximum of 25 hours of direct client contact hours can be carried over from Internship I to II. This number does not reduce the agreed-upon time commitment to the internship site during the 2nd semester. Students who are having difficulty accruing hours will need to discuss their concerns with the site and their university supervisor.


Other Important Information

In Between Semesters

Due to enrollment and accreditation supervision standards, no hours can be accrued outside of established university semester timeframes. In other words, practicum/internship hours can only be accrued/earned between the first official class day and the last final exam day of each semester.

However, some internship sites may want students to come early for training, background checks, and orientation. Therefore, students may obtain up to 40 indirect hours related to these activities before the semester begins and before the practicum/internship agreement date.

Students are discouraged from seeing clients during academic breaks. In the case that the student chooses to volunteer their time during academic breaks, the site accepts full liability and responsibility for the student intern. The academic calendar can be accessed here:


Students are required to submit at least one recording of their work for faculty evaluation purposes each semester. For sites that do not allow recording, live observation by faculty will need to be arranged. Consent for recordings must be obtained prior to recording. Students are encouraged to have these conversations with clients during the initial informed consent. If the site does not have its own consent for recording form, we have one for the site’s use. The student has access to this, and it can also be found in the student manual.