Chemistry Resources

American Chemical Society

  • Includes Journals from all branches of chemistry ranging from inorganic chemistry to analytical chemistry and more. 
  • You can search by author, title or the DOI (digital identifier) 
  • You can also search by citation by imputing journal, page range, and volume

CAS SciFinder-n

  • First time users click here to create your account  (note: Use your St. Edwards email address to create the account). 
  • You can search by substances, reactions, or references.
    • The references tab would include abstracts to academic articles as well as links to full text options for the articles
      • When you find an article you want to know more about, click “citing” and you can see the abstracts of the articles that were cited in that paper. 
    • The substances tab would include compounds as well as their known reactions, and any papers that they are referenced in. 
    • The reactions tab would give you information about how to make a certain substance as well as the conditions needed for that reaction to occur. 

These videos can help you navigate the database

How to Navigate CAS SciFinder-n

How to Perform Structure Searches