Assistive Technology and other Services for Users with Disabilities

Assistive Technologies in the Library

The Munday Library houses technologies to facilitate academic research and alternate format access to academic materials for users with a variety of vision, hearing, and/or mobility related disabilities. There are wheelchair accessible computers located on the first floor of the library.

Screen Reading Software

  • Kurzweil 3000 – be sure to log in as “student1” in the pull down menu after the login prompt.

(Patrons are welcome to use any computer in the Library Commons in order to listen to a .pdf using the Kurzweil 3000 software (there is an icon for this specialized software on every desktop). For detailed instructions, go to page 8 of the Kurzweil 3000 instruction manual and read the section called Opening Documents Created With Another Program.

Scanning Equipment

  • Kurzweil 3000

Magnification Equipment

  • Aladdin – a black and white video magnifier designed for use by people who have visual impairments (including “legal blindness”) which make it difficult or impossible to read ordinary printed materials.


Staff at the Library Information Desk are able to provide assistance in the use of equipment and can help in selecting and using academic resources. Library users who do not know how to independently operate the assistive technology in the Munday Library (particularly first-time users) should call in advance to schedule an appointment with a member of the library staff (512) 416-5869 for an orientation to the equipment. Specific contact people for assistive technology are Margaret Warner and Lisa Longenecker.

Hours of Operation

The Munday Library’s assistive technology resources are available whenever the Munday Library is open, and no appointment is required.

Other Services for Users with Disabilities

Materials Retrieval

Libary staff will pull materials from the stacks for users who are unable to reach or locate materials by themselves. Whenever possible we retrieve materials immediately, but at times we may need twenty-four hours to provide this service. To ensure prompt service contact the library at (512) 416-5869 to schedule an appointment.

Physical Assistance

Library staff will remove physical barriers whenever possible. If barriers exist, please notify library staff and staff will provide necessary assistance whenever possible.

Personalized Services

The Munday Library will provide equal access, but individuals are responsible for independently using library resources.  Library staff cannot provide personal reading, photocopying, typing, or note-taking services.  Please plan to bring your own assistant if you require support for these services.

Faculty Services

Faculty needing assistance in making course materials accessible should consult the Instructional Technology Hub in Holy Cross Hall 101, or contact OIT at or 512-464-8804. OIT also maintains information about web accessibility.


To protect an individual’s privacy, library personnel may not retrieve items from backpacks, personal clothing, or other personal effects. Please have items such as pen drives or Hilltopper card readily available.

For other services on campus:
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If you need a service not mentioned in this article, please ask at the Library Information Desk or phone the library at (512) 416-5869.