Field Notes at Amorino – 6/11

I went back to Amorino, this time in the late afternoon, to take more field notes. It was a Wednesday at 6:09 and 91 degrees Fahrenheit.

Same shop, now  sitting in the raised middle table the people were at yesterday. Hopefully this will provide a better view. Same male server, along with a different male server who was not here yesterday. The prices are much higher for this gelato shop than for the regular ice cream stores nearby. I won´t be able to take field notes here often, because I will run out of money. The macaroons are stellar though.

A man with a tattoo on his arm sits across from a lady about his age, her brown hair in a high bun. Behind me, a woman sits with a young girl in a green dress. The couple in front of me have 5 empty dishes on their table, and pop into the restroom before leaving. On their way out, they chat with the server. The mother´daughter pair also chat with the servers before they take off. A server cleans both tables very quickly. Now I am the only customer in the shop while one server is on the phone, one is washing dishes, and the rest of the city is taking a siesta. The small serving is called ¨piccolo¨ instead of the Spanish word for small. A small cup or cone is 3.50 euros, much more than regular ice cream shops around town. A man wearing glasses, carrying two black shopping bags, and with greying hair stops by and talks to the servers, and then leaves. I did not notice this yesterday, but there is a cherub statue, a cherub statue-painting hybrid and a cherub painting on the wall. The shop is still empty. The song ¨Black or White¨plays again today.

I leave at 6:34.

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