Adding Value and Creating Pathways to Texas Development

Credit: Texas Workforce Commission

Written by Felipe P. Broza —

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a lot of disruption in people’s lives and plans. Throughout the past year and a half, my original plans to study abroad in France and finish my French minor over there turned into dropping the minor in order to stay on track towards graduation and spending my Fall 2020 semester back home in Brazil. But the pandemic also brought unexpected surprises as a result of being forced to replan and adapt to the new circumstances and limitations.

Once back in the U.S. for the Spring 2021 semester, I had to actively plan for staying in the U.S. for Summer 2021 instead of heading back home to Brazil as it would be usual in past years. The travel restrictions made it both financially and conveniently impossible to arrange those types of plans. In response to that, I applied to the SEU Summer Academic Excellence Awards (SAEA), with the expectation of getting the support and financial assistance needed to maintain myself here throughout the summer.

I was fortunate to be awarded the funding, and with that, I initiated my search for an internship that could further support my plans for academic and professional development. After extensive research, writing of applications, and selection processes, I found myself before three offers to intern with either state agencies or an organization. I felt confident when I made the decision to join the Texas Workforce Commission’s (TWC) Office of Apprenticeship. And that’s how my summer started.

By the end of the summer, my supervisor offered me to stay for the Fall 2021 semester, which I excitedly accepted. Through the Office of Apprenticeship, I learned how the state and the federal government can share goals, coordinate, and implement projects to establish public-public and public-private partnerships that further develop the Texas economy at the same time that aggregate value to its workforce through the creation of apprenticeship programs. Learning in more depth the history and structure of these programs allowed me to better support employers at the same time that it provided me with the value of the work being done. The team that I’m part of, help to create and deliver life-changing opportunities for Texans from all ages and backgrounds looking to further their professional skills and careers.

Working with the Office of Apprenticeship, I’ve been able to take part and lead conversations between TWC and private employers located not only throughout the entire State of Texas, but also employers looking for expanding their operations from other U.S. states, and even from Brazil — in one special occasion. I participate in daily morning team meetings, being expected to provide updates on my diverse range of projects’ progress along with the space to add to team discussions any feedback or comment that I deem to be helpful or constructive to the goals of our office. Throughout the past months, I was assigned and reported on projects under the wing of several team members, from employers’ outreach and strategic development to writing and revising reports, developing conference webinar sessions, and structuring marketing collaterals.

My experience with the Texas Workforce Commission has been highly rewarding, not providing me only with financial compensation, but also an inspiring perspective into work ethic, professionalism, committed approach and engagement, motivation, support, and maturity. Even further, it has exercised, developed, and polished my professional interpersonal skills, professional writing skills, and further acquisition of transferable and marketable skills. In conclusion, I would argue that an experience like this one taught me what I should be looking for when leaving college and heading into the professional world, as well as building value towards what type of professional I want to be and what mission I want to follow.



  1. This sounds like such a great and interesting experience Felipe! Like you, my plans to study abroad were disrupted by the pandemic. I was wondering how you were able to find this position when searching for an internship. Were there any particular sites or resources that helped you find this opportunity? Thanks!

  2. The office of apprenticeship shounds like an amazing opportunity Felipe! I always think its really cool to hear about STEDS students working in the government. It shows there are so many potential options in the field of political science rather than just holding an elected office.

  3. Good for you Felipe! Just like what Andrea and you said, my study abroad plans also got cancelled, so the fact that you were able to obtain such a great internship really says a lot! I particularly liked how the Office is able to create a relationship between federal and state issues, since we know that because states have their own laws it can be a difficult thing to achieve. Congrats!

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