Interning During The COVID Era, written by Andrea Tamez

As COVID cases were rising and more people were being affected financially, I knew it would be hard to score an internship for my course credit. However, I did not let that discourage me. Whilst browsing for an internship, I knew I wanted to work for a small company. A smaller company in comparison to a role in a corporate internship gives me the opportunity to make a bigger impact and build stronger relationships with those around me. Having my mind set on this idea, I went on and looked for a role at Angelco. Angelco is a recruiting website for remote and start up companies. Thanks to this website, I was able to find my current internship and have a great overall experience. Although I am unfamiliar if my current internship will keep hiring interns, and what the application will look like in the future, I highly encourage St. Edward’s students to take a look at this website whilst browsing for an internship.

I’m currently interning for the accounting department  at Genesis Employment, a staffing agency. The indirect skills I’ve gained as a Global Studies major such as; interpersonal, analytical, decision-making and negotiation skills give me the opportunity to apply them into different career fields. My work day consists of using Quickbooks and making sure everything looks perfect for our payroll. At the beginning, I was a bit nervous at the fact that I had not been in this industry for long but the company emphasized how one of the biggest fundamentals of an intern role is to learn as you go. Their encouragement was very reassuring and indirectly demonstrated how they were very team oriented and willing to help, which led me to accept the role. After accepting the offer, I was convinced that applying for this internship would give me more visibility, experience in various areas within, flexibility and can also be a great entry point to the industry. 

The core values of this company are what drew me in the most to apply for this internship position; unity, sustainability and diversity & inclusion are all very important to me all around, especially in a workplace. I also believe that their core values are one of the most interesting things of the company. Unity is what highlights the teamwork that is present in the workplace. My coworkers are very welcoming and always willing to step in if needed. As a new hire, I can really see the sense of unity after the outcome of a project. Sustainability is another key actor in my professional atmosphere in this company. Genesis focuses on providing a sustainable workplace for every employee by ensuring a sustainable and fair wage. Lastly, the company listens to their employees, celebrates diversity, communicates goals, makes sure everyone is safe and speaks up about inclusion. This mindset believes that it will improve performance, lead to better decision making, encourage new perspectives and innovation and also create stronger bonds and relationships with those in leadership positions.

Although this internship was remote, I had a great overall experience due to the inclusion I felt being part of this team. I highly encourage students to browse different options and go with what they feel is right, rather than just focusing on the monetary side of it.

Attached is a picture of my home office setup. Definitely very different than what my intern role would’ve looked like pre-COVID. This image demonstrates how we are living in a very different time period, however we must make the best of it.



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