Do you REALLY want to work at a Law Firm? Let’s find out! By: Mackenzie Gilchrist

I am currently working at Awad Legal Group as an intern for the Spring 2021 semester. I chose this firm because it’s one of the smaller firms here in Central Austin so I get a lot more individualized attention that benefits how I learn things. It’s similar to the reason as to why I chose to attend St. Edwards University in that I was able to form a pretty casual relationship with my boss so I always feel comfortable asking questions, for clarifications, etc.  A typical day at the office for me includes preparing and mailing out checks to clients, taking notes in meetings, and drafting legal documents. Before I started this internship I had never had a job before, much less read an actual contract or anything having to do with legal work. Now, I draft affidavits and deeds almost every week. My boss also tries to incorporate things I’m interested in as part of my internship experience. For example, I’ve worked with a few non-profit organizations prior to this internship so my boss was able to challenge some of the skills I took from that experience when he needed help forming his own non-profit. What I enjoy the most about my job is helping our clients with their specific needs. As I stated before, the firm is on the smaller side but that allows us to form a really personal relationship with all of our clients so it’s really awesome helping them solve their legal issues over time. On the other hand, it was actually surprising to me how much my presence can affect our clients. Like they want to know your name and they will remember it, clients want to form a familiar relationship with you so they feel more comfortable when you’re handling their work. From that perspective, I would say this job has helped me develop more empathy and communication skills just by talking to different people dealing with unique situations everyday.

For anyone looking to intern at Awad Legal Group, I found the ad for the internship position on Handshake. I think St. Edwards has an option for students so you can easily be able to create an account without paying membership fees. It took about a week to get a response back and I had my first interview over Zoom a few days after that. I would recommend this position to anyone that wants legal experience but in a less competitive environment than other law firms. The firm also does title work and deals with a lot of probate documents so if you think you might be interested in anything related to real estate law this position would be a good fit for you. The position is also very flexible with my school schedule so if you’re taking a lot of hours, this internship will cater to those needs. Right now there is only one other intern besides me so when I leave my position this upcoming someone will need to fill my space! If you’re interested you can email info@algtx.com or visit the Awad Legal Group website at www.algtx.com.


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