Using G Suite

Welcome back, faculty! As you get started with the new semester we wanted to keep you informed about a few new features you will see within your St. Edward’s Google account.

G Suite Apps

Some of the new features, you may or may not have seen, include:

Gmail has a new interface:

Wait, there is more! You now have access to most of what G Suite has to offer including:

  • Google Drive – Store class documents in a class folder or share folders with students
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Presentations – Create class documents, presentations, collaborate with students and colleagues
  • Google Keep and Tasks – Take daily notes and track things to do
  • Google Forms Create basic surveys
  • And More

All to help you with your productivity as you work on your classes or collaborate with your students and colleagues. For more information about G Suite, visit and search for G Suite or Google. Happy start of the semester!