Canvas Commons: Where Educators Find and Share Teaching Resources


What is Canvas Commons?

Commons is a community that allows you to share your course content or access others’ shared course content. You can import and export Canvas pages, modules or the entire course.

  • Share course materials among faculty who are teaching the same course.
  • You can create a personal learning object repository
  • Build a course from scratch by using the shared materials from other Canvas users.

How to find Commons courses shared with St. Edwards?

  1. Log into you CanvasCanvas Commons
  2. Find the Commons tab on your left hand sideScreen Shot 2016-01-07 at 2.35.48 PM
  3. You can start by look for courses that are shared with St. Edward’s only or search for a specific keyword, author or titleCanvas Commons shared with
  4. Now you see the course materials that are shared with St. Edward’s University.Canvas Commons Qualtrics
  5. In the course details, you will see an option that lets you import into courseCanvas Common import into course
  6. Once you imported the pages/modules into your course, you will see the following message.Canvas common imported into class2
  7. Go back to your Dashboard and check the course you imported your files into, you should be able to see your imported pages under Pages, and modules under Modules. Canvas commons imported into course 3

For more information about Canvas Commons,
check the official Canvas website