Favorite Apps at St. Edward’s University

The #100percentdigital faculty-staff learning community got off to a great start last week with the Apps and Appetizer Mixer.  Thanks to all of you who joined us.  I learned a lot from both the full group discussion and smaller conversations about what the best apps are and why.  Below is a word cloud showing the results of our live poll using Poll Everywhere, which lets participants respond via text message or web page from any mobile device:

favorite apps word cloud

Once again it looks like the leading apps—Evernote and Notability—are for note taking.  In addition to a split in the room based on favorite note-taking app, we also saw a split between those who use a stylus vs. those who use a keyboard.  We’ll dive into this topic in more depth at our next meeting of this community on Wednesday, October 8: “Digital Note-Taking and Management” in JBWS 180 at 3:30 pm.

My biggest take-away from the mixer is that “What is your favorite app?” is a hard question to answer; I have many favorite apps because I use mobile apps in a variety of contexts including

  • taking, organizing, and accessing meeting notes;
  • managing my to do list;
  • reading for work;
  • tracking my calories and exercise;
  • sharing files across multiple devices;
  • managing my commute with traffic maps and voiceover to read to me while I drive;
  • and entertainment through videos, games, reading, and music.

Head on over to the #100percentdigital blog to see the conversation begun last Wednesday continue, as community members share both  favorite apps and favorite categories or uses of apps.  Two of our Innovation Fellows–Danney Ursery and Kim Garza–got us started.  (Thanks Danney & Kim!) Please share your answer in a blog post or by responding in a comment.

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  1. Great !! these are amazing apps.. I am using Evernote .. it іs an essential app for staying organized across devices. Usіng Evernote allows users tо store notes, photos, to-do lists, ideas аnd voice reminders. The notes are searchable as well. Evernote works on Android, iOS and Windows platforms

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