Designing Digital Projects

Travis county AlmanacOn Thursday, August 21, Pongracz Sennyey and Rebecca Frost Davis will co-lead a session at the Teaching Symposium, 10:30 – 11:30 am in JBWS 261:

Designing Course-based, Student-faculty Collaborative Research Projects Using Digital Tools

In the 21st century we face complex problems that cross disciplines and require collaborative approaches. Digital tools and information networks make it feasible to design project-based learning experiences that integrate students into the research process. This presentation will provide examples of how such projects, when integrated into courses, help students develop skills to work collaboratively, apply appropriate tools, and learn flexible problem-solving skills.


During the session, participants will use this checklist to plan a digital project: Process Checklist for Integrating Digital Humanities Projects into Courses


Travis County Almanac, Michael Wasserman, Assistant Professor, Environmental Science & Policy

Latin 323: Tacitus, Professor Rebecca Benefiel, Department of Classics, Washington and Lee University

Wheaton College Digital History Project, Kathryn Tomasek, Associate Professor of History, Wheaton College

Enduring Women, Mary Brantl, Associate Professor, Visual Studies & Charles Porter, Assistant Professor, University Studies


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