Interactive Video with Avatars

What is an Avatar and a Voki?

An avatar is a figure or character that you can create and customize for online use. Vokis are speaking avatars that could be used for online interaction.

  • Users can create an account with different services such asĀ Voki.
    • Voki can be used to create speaking avatars and use them as an effective learning tool.

Ideas for Uses of Avatars in the Classroom:

  • Connecting via online learning: Faculty who teach online and blended courses could enhance their personal presence in the class through the use of avatars. Avatars could be used for virtual lectures in place of text course materials.
  • Solving problems and gaining real-world experience through case studies: Faculty could use avatars to demonstrate case studies. Students will benefit from practice in applying the material to real-life situations.
  • Historical Reenactments and Teaching Moments Students can reenact historical events in order to gain new perspectives beyond the mere facts. Avatars can be used to teach various theories which may be hard to understand from an external point of view.


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