Innovation Learning Network


  • Overview of a PLN – 10 min
  • Review questions for discussion – 10 min
  • Share some examples – 10 min
  • Discuss tools for keeping up with their PLNs (Digg and Twitter)- 15 min
  • Break – 10 min
  • Introduction to Diigo Exercise on iPads – 20 min
  • Conclusion and next steps – 10 min

Overview of a PLN: A Personal Learning Environment is a facility for an individual to access, aggregate, configure and manipulate digital artifacts of their ongoing learning experiences. – Ron Lubensky

Questions About Your Personal Learning Network (PLN)

  1. Who is in your learning  network?
  2. Who do you turn to for professional development?
  3. Why is this person/resource in your network?
  4. Why do you spend time following/reading this person?
  5. How do you contribute to your network?

Suggested Readings

One Essential Resolution for Educators in 2013 – A Personal Learning Environment  — This is still a good introduction to Personal Learning Environments in 2014.

My Personal Learning Environment from The Bamboo Project Building Career Resilience

Tools to Help You Build an Innovation Learning Network

Which of the tools would you find the most useful for your projects or your courses?

How can these PLN’s inform or help you with your innovation projects?

As SEU Innovators how would you continue your connection with each other?

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