Global Learning

“Global” learning has been a catchword at St. Edward’s since the 2007 SACS accreditation process.  But we didn’t invent the concept.  Universities across the countryhave been discussing the idea for a while.  As we consider innovative approaches to global learning in our courses and at St. Edward’s, we will connect our work to the broader national conversation about this concept.

Assigned Readings

Optional Additional Readings

  • Nussbaum, Martha.  “Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism.”  The Boston Review. 1 Oct 1994.
  • Hovland, Kevin Shared Futures: Global Learning & Liberal EducationAmerican Association of Colleges & Universities, 2009.  Especially relevant are chapters 2 & 3, which provide concrete examples of how colleges and universities are (and aren’t) enacting global learning in their curricula.
  • Katz, Stanley N. “Borderline Ignorance.” The Chronicle of Higher Education. 13 Jan 2014.   (If you are not using a computer on campus, you may be asked to log in with your SEU password.)
  • Anderson, Chad and David Blair. “Developing a Global Learning Rubric: Strengthening Teaching and Improving Learning.”  Diversity & Democracy 16 (2013).

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