Blog Assignment 9: Assessment

– for fall pilots: due April 15 if you want final stipend disbursement in your May 15 paycheck
– for spring pilots: Due May 25 if you want final stipend disbursement in your June 15 paycheck or due June 1 if you want final stipend disbursement in your June 30 check.

For your final assignment for the fellowship, you will:

  • Connect your course learning outcomes to institutional goals and learning outcomes: How do your student learning outcomes relate to University Essential Learning Outcomes (UELOs) and other institutional goals for student learning?  (We will provide you with a list of UELOs and institutional goals which you can then identify as appropriate.)
  • Choose a representative or signature assignment to assess.  For this component, you will supply an assignment description and your assessment mechanism. 
  • Provide some information on your assessment results, including a summary explanation of results and some kind of supporting documentation (for example, rubric data evaluating the assignment).
  • Reflect on the strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement you see in how your innovation supported student learning in your course.

We will be providing you with more guidance on this process as we near the due date.

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