Final Report: Inquiry-Based Learning in a Transitional Math Course (Gee)

Thanks to an inspiring group of fellow fellows, I came away from this two-week Innovation Institute with new ideas, clarified goals for myself and for students, resources to help develop and assess the course, and a local personal learning network of like-minded St. Ed’s colleagues.

Setting for my project:  MATH 4343–Topology in SP15 as pilot for new mid-level course that will help transition students from computational lower-division courses to abstract a proof-based upper-division courses.
The Experiment:  Use Inquiry-Based Learning and a Modified Moore method, and move from a content-based course to a skills-based course.
Background:  This project is also grant-funded (for a course release in the pilot semester, and to offset staffing for two subsequent semesters) by the Educational Advancement Foundation.
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