• What have you learned so far that may prove valuable to your project?  (You might cite something learned in a workshop but you also might cite an informal conversation with another fellow or staff member or something you figured out on your own.)

It was helpful to see how others conduct their classes and deal with issues in their classrooms
It was good to be exposed to various ways technology is used in the classroom and to reflect on it

  • What progress have you made on your project?
    Arranged meeting with the library and scheduled test time for visiting artist lecture
  • What do you need to accomplish in the next week?
    Test run the lecture, figure out how to use library equipment
    Decide on the way to archive the lectures
    Decide on the assignments related to lectures
    Start putting together a list of artists interested in the experiment
  • Worries and joys?  What’s worrying you about your progress or your next steps?  Has anything got you excited or feeling energized about your upcoming work?
    I am very excited about my project! I think it would be very valuable to students and to the University
    Still worried a bit about technical implementation. Will probably feel better after the test run at the library and figuring out the details.

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