Personal Learning Network

These are my favorites but I am not brilliant because I find I never have time to set  them up properly- using Michelle Martin’s categories:

Gathering: Feedly and ZETOC; Tweetdeck; Researchgate and Academia. I listen to podcasts a lot when driving – for those of you who dont know it try – they have very interesting speakers on a wide range of topical academic and world changing matters.

Processing: I used to use Diigo but I actually prefer Zotero. It is open source and very easy to use – my dilemma students used it this Spring and fell in love!  I also like OneNote for taking notes which dont get lost in a mass of paper on my desk!

Acting on Information: This is where I come unstuck. I hope to learn to be better and not think I do not have time to blog/tweet etc. I am useless at Linkedin. I think that because I have contacts across a range of working environments I am quite good at gathering and sharing  with others within my ‘network’ but I tend to do it by email. I do like working cooperatively with colleagues from different academic and work disciplines. Applying for grants with them seem to be a good way to be able to collate and act on the information.


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