Why Buy A Quick Move In Homes Instead Of A New Construction Home?

Quick Move In Homes, also called a spec house or floor plan home, are pre-fabricated homes which are almost finished or nearly complete and are put up for instant occupancy and sale. If you have your heart set strictly on purchasing new construction, and are willing to move quickly, with about six months to a year to get construction completed, a quick move in home may be your only choice. Even though prices of new construction homes are high, there are some great bargains to be had in quick move in homes. The biggest advantage of these homes is that they are ready to go when you are, which cuts down tremendously on the amount of time it takes to complete construction and get the home on the market for sale.

Most people are familiar with the term “new construction,” but there is another type of home, usually called an inventory home. An inventory home is just what it sounds like: a house that is not actually sold by its owner when he or she moves out. These houses sit on the property waiting for someone to purchase them, sometimes for years. When a new home owner finally moves out, they often leave behind an inventory of their personal belongings in the home. This list often includes furniture, appliances and electronics, making it necessary for home buyers to move quickly to purchase the items they are looking for before others have the chance.

Buying new construction and immediately being able to move into an available home can save you a great deal of time and money. While it will take more time and effort to find a good location because of the sheer number of properties still available, it’s still possible to find a location that suits your needs and budget. The downside to buying a new construction house is the fact that many times the houses are put on the market in sections. If you want to be able to quickly move into your new home, you may have to choose from among the sections that contain available homes.

Many of the newly constructed homes can only be viewed by a realtor. While you might be able to view the houses yourself, there is often a fee that is required. Because these homes are still considered “in the process” of being sold, their inventory is smaller than the numbers for houses that have already been built. This can mean that you’ll pay less when you buy a quick move-in home, yet you’ll have to pay more when you look for a house to live in immediately.

When you buy a new home in a typical section of a city or town, the owner typically leaves the home and moves into an available space within a few days. With houses that have already been built, you have to wait for at least two months before you can see the finished product. However, if you buy a quick spec home in a place that has not yet been developed, you can usually view the property within a few days or a week. Buying a move-in ready home means that you won’t have to spend your money on an inventory home before you’ve actually seen the house itself!

As you can see, there are many advantages of buying a quick-move in home rather than a new construction home. Even though you will pay more initially for a move-in ready home, you will usually pay less when you eventually take possession of it. On top of this, there isn’t much time invested into waiting. Unlike with new construction homes, you can often view the property immediately once you get there and begin enjoying it right away. For many people, these benefits far outweigh the price of a move-in inventory home.

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