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I was gifted my first Kalanchoe almost a year ago and I have fallen in love with this plant. Again, this requires minimal upkeep (common theme so far in my gardening experience) and can be kept in a covered area on a porch or patio. The same lady, Jennifer, that introduced to me to the Night Blooming Cereus actually keeps a lot by her front door in the shade of the awning. They do not require a lot of watering (another common theme) as they are especially prone to root rot and their leaves can appear to be burned if they’re in the sun too much. You also want to avoid wetting the leaves when watering. The Kalanchoe also buds little tiny red flowers which are pretty to look at, but you actually want to prune them back in order for it to continue it’s healthy growing. Trimming off any of these flowers helps it’s growth.




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